Transparent Pricing, Always


Best for companies processing less than $10 million monthly.

$2,500Monthly SaaS Fee

75% revenue share

Scaling plan includes:

  • Dashboard to manage business operations
  • White-label functionality
  • Real-time and unified reporting
  • Marketing and growth support
  • And much more..


Best for companies processing more than $10 million monthly.

$10,000Monthly SaaS Fee

90% revenue share

Everything in Scaling +

  • Premium support
  • White-label merchant support
  • Custom reporting


Card Payments

  • Interchange+ 0.07% + $0.05
  • Interchange+ 0.22% + $0.05 for Amex
  • $10 dispute fee
  • $0.20 card account updater fee
  • $0.10 Interac card-present transaction fee

Direct Debit Payments

  • $0.25 transaction fee
  • $5.00 return fee

Merchant and Device Fees

  • $0 monthly account fee
  • $0 monthly minimum fee
  • $0 PCI compliance fee
  • $4.95 per device fee
  • $15.00 bank account change fee

What's Included

Merchant Management

  • Customizable merchant onboarding
  • Visibility into pended merchants
  • Merchant pricing optimization
  • Card-present terminal management


  • Card-present
  • Subscriptions
  • Hosted checkout
  • Virtual terminal


Reconciliation & Reporting

  • Real-time reporting
  • Unified reporting
  • Custom reporting (Enterprise only)

Fraud & Risk

  • Dispute management
  • Ongoing risk monitoring
  • KYC, KYB, MATCH list, and OFAC checks

Security & Compliance

  • Secure hosted components
  • Merchant PCI program
  • Card tokenization
  • Point-to-point encryption terminal solutions


  • Single API integration
  • Client libraries and SDKs
  • Comprehensive testing tools
  • Technical support
  • Webhook notifications


  • Merchant support
  • Premium support (Enterprise only)
  • White-label merchant support (Enterprise only)
  • Emotional support to recover from your previous processor


  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Custom go-to-market and growth strategy
  • Marketing campaign assistance


What is interchange++ pricing?
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The interchange++ pricing model can be broken down into three main components:

Interchange fees: These are fees set by the card networks (like Visa, Mastercard) and are paid to the cardholder’s bank. This fee varies depending on several factors such as the type of card (credit, debit, business, etc.), the card’s issuing bank, and the transaction type (in-person, online, etc.).

Card scheme fees: These are additional charges set by the card networks. They cover various costs associated with the card schemes’ operations and services.

Interchange+ markup: This is the only variable component in the Interchange++ model and is determined by the payment provider. In the case of Tilled’s pricing, the interchange+ markup is 0.07% + $0.05.
Are there minimum commitments or hidden costs?
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No, there are no minimum commitments or hidden costs.
Does Tilled charge setup fees or monthly merchant account fees?
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No, Tilled does not charge setup fees or monthly merchant account fees.
Does Tilled charge merchant payout fees?
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No, Tilled does not charge a fee for merchant payouts.