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Features That Go Beyond Payment Processing

Simplify workflows for merchant onboarding, payment collection, reconciliation, dispute management, and more with our powerful API and user-friendly console.

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Integrate & Innovate

Your Payments Vision, Brought to Life

Leverage our API-first approach to create an 11-star payments experience for your merchants.

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Delight Merchants

Happy Merchants, Happy Life

Put a smile on your merchants’ faces with features designed to save your merchants time and win their loyalty.

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Customize Merchant Pricing

We make it easy to create pricing programs that make you stand out in the market while maximizing your payments revenue.

Make It Your Own

Put your brand front and center with our white-labeling features. From onboarding to managing payments, your merchants will enjoy a seamless interaction with your brand.

Pre-Fill Merchant Application Data

You know your merchants best. Save them time by pre-filling their application via the API or console. Oh, and did we mention the application is entirely digital and white-labeled?

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Never Miss a Beat

Our white-labeled transactional emails keep you and your merchants up-to-date on important activity in your account.

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Support Multiple Locations

Our multi-account feature allows a single merchant user to seamlessly toggle between accounts so they don’t have to manage multiple usernames and passwords.

Eliminate Login Friction

Enable the Auth Links API to allow merchants to bypass the login process without compromising security.

Manage Payments

Drive Processing Volume, Earn Recurring Revenue

Boost your bottom line with flexible payment options, including recurring billing schedules and more cash-flow-friendly features.

Leaving the Competition Behind is Easy

Migrate your data from Stripe to our system with the help of our payments experts, for no additional cost.

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Data to Power Growth

Analyze Your Heart Out

Our vast data and reporting options give you a holistic view into merchant payment activity with our real-time downloadable reports, dashboard, and flexible API endpoints.

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Make Finance Teams Happy

Our downloadable reports take the hassle out of reconciling payments, payouts, and fees.

Level Up With Metadata

Pass in any information that’s relevant to your business, no matter how whacky. Just no emojis, please.

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Optimize Merchant Pricing

Leverage our interchange data and pricing management tools to get the most from your portfolio.

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Discover the Full Potential

Need some inspiration and guidance? Schedule a call with one of our payments experts to explore our API and hosted solutions.