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October 5, 2021

What does it take to become a PayFac?

For many software platforms, becoming a Payment Facilitator or “PayFac” seems like an exciting way to improve your product by creating a frictionless and instant onboarding experience. In fact, it’s estimated there are over 10,000 B2B SaaS companies in the United States that could benefit from operating as a PayFac. However, there are just a […]

B2B Marketing
September 30, 2021

5 Signs You’re Ready for an Alternative to Managed PayFac Providers

A managed PayFac provider like Stripe was a good choice when you first started your business, but things have changed. Here are 5 signs you’ve outgrown stripe.

September 21, 2021

When is it worth it to become a PayFac?

If you’re a B2B software company interested in adding payment processing to your product, you may be wondering when it will be worth it to become a payment facilitator (PayFac) yourself. The short answer? Probably never. For some software companies processing upwards of $2 billion a year in payments, it may be a bit more […]

September 7, 2021

Integrated payments to increase your TAM

For vertical SaaS businesses, it’s easy — and attractive — to look at unicorn companies like Mindbody and Toast and believe your product can become the ubiquitous solution for your industry. But one question you’ll have to answer first, for both yourself and for your investors: Is your market segment big enough to justify a […]

Tilled PayFac-as-a-Service
August 24, 2021

How PayFac-as-a-Service Can Add $500,000 a Year in Revenue

Many software providers choose Stripe or Braintree as their first integrated payments provider. And it makes sense as these solutions are incredibly easy to implement. As software businesses scale, they begin to realize that they need to monetize the payments flowing through their system and start participating in the payments revenue stream. With the opaque […]

August 10, 2021

What does it mean to monetize payments?

If you’re a software company that has integrated payment processing capabilities into your offering, more than likely you see it as a service that comes at either a cost to your bottom line or as a pass-through line item that your customers cover. But what if you could monetize payments, changing payment processing from a […]

July 27, 2021

PayFac-as-a-Service Glossary

When we begin talking with new customers interested in how PayFac-as-a-Service with Tilled can benefit their B2B software business, we often find it’s not long before we’ve completely lost them with our terminology and industry jargon. And that’s ok — we’ve been in the boardrooms of companies processing billions of dollars a year through their […]

Apple Pay payment
Feature Releases/Product Upgrade
July 13, 2021

Tilled Launches Apple Pay

At Tilled, our ethos is to make payments simple for our partners, allowing you to focus on your core product while we handle all of the complexities, requirements, and processes that come with embedded payments. And while that has always been our north star as we’ve developed our initial product, we’re proud to say it […]