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May 19, 2023

An Inside Look into Tilled’s White-Label Capabilities

white-labeled merchant application

Make integrated payments feel like an extension of YOUR existing product offering – no heavy lifting from your development team required.

What is white-labeling?

At Tilled, we define white-labeling as the ability for our partners to customize elements of the Tilled merchant experience with their own company branding, colors, and logos. 

Why white-label?

Working with an integrated payments provider that allows you to white-label their payment software can provide a number of benefits to your software business, including:

  1. Improved Brand Recognition: White-labeling your payment software with your own company’s branding, logos, and colors can enhance your brand recognition and brand awareness, helping you establish a more professional image and increasing your visibility in the market.
  2. Reduced Development Burden: Developing and maintaining your payment software can be costly and time-consuming. Leveraging white-label payment software will not only save you time and money on initial development but also on ongoing support and maintenance.
  3. Cohesive User Experience: By white labeling your payment software, you are able to tailor the user experience so that it matches your core product experience. With Tilled, this can include customizing the user interface, Merchant Application, and other features.


White-Labeling with Tilled

If there’s one thing we’ve heard from our partners, it’s that working with other integrated payments services can detract from their overall user experience. It’s like their users are stuck on a bad blind date – forced to interact with some random payment company that they don’t even know or care about.  Not with Tilled, we’ve got your back with a white-label solution that keeps us out of the picture completely. With our white-label capabilities, our partners can customize different aspects of Tilled with their own domain, logo, and colors, making them look and feel like their own. Here’s a deeper look at some of the components of our software that can be white-labeled:

  • Merchant Console

    • Our hosted Merchant Console eliminates the need for you to develop any reporting on payments. Instead, you can direct users to log in through a custom, branded, subdomain and access a fully white-labeled and branded merchant portal. There, merchants can view their customers and merchant summaries, run reports on their payments, and reference their deposits — all without ever feeling like they left your system.


  • Merchant Applications

    • Merchants can also access a white-label Merchant Application through your custom subdomain that reflects your branding. Plus, with our API integration, ISVs can allow account data to automatically flow from their system to the Merchant Application, auto-filling the application with whatever info the software company has on hand. When merchants go to apply for payments, they will have less information to enter (which they’ll appreciate!) But more importantly, they’ll feel as if they never left your system — a win-win if you ask us.

  • Tilled Communications

    • A brand’s design aesthetic is what makes it unique to the eye, which is why we’ve made it easy to add your business colors, logos, and branding to all merchant-facing emails sent from your white-labeled domain.

      In addition, you can add your own support contact information to the footer of communications so that any business inquiries will go directly to your support team. This way, your merchants won’t feel like Tilled is part of the equation.

Make Payments Feel Like a Part of YOUR Offering with Tilled

Here at Tilled, we know how hard you work running your business and managing your merchants. So, let us help you deliver a more streamlined, personalized merchant experience with as little lift on your end as possible. To learn more about our platform’s white-labeling features or our other powerful tools, contact us — we’re here when you need us (and stay undetectable when you don’t!)

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